What We Offer To You

Service You Can Expect


· Provide complete insurance analysis. Offer sufficient protection advice.

· Select company or companies offering best coverage for your needs.

· Competitive pricing.

· Prompt, fair settlement of insurance claims.

· Routine review and analysis of your insurance program.



IIG provides you with an assigned representative who will be available to you should you have any questions or concerns. They will also maintain your account.


Our representatives are trained in insurance technicalities, placing and changing policies, overseeing claims, etc. Should your representative not be available, there will always be a Subject Matter Expert (SME) available to provide assistance to you.


IIG takes great pride in educating our staff. IIG’s minimum requirement is that every staff member attend courses and seminars on a regular basis and successfully complete the appropriate certifications and licensing required by the Georgia State Insurance Department. Continuing education is a commitment – not a job!